Condo Owners Association - COA




     Dear Condo Owners and Buyers  

The Condo Owners Association is a non profit Association representing Condo Owners with a voice in government, the marketplace and industry on important issues. 

Many Condo Owners face problems with their units, Board of Directors and/or Property Management.  Why are you having these problems in the first place?  The Condo Owners Association sees huge flaws with the Condo Act and in Condo Ownership for Owners and Buyers.  We are pushing forward to create awareness and endorse changes for better operations, governance, accountability to help lower maintenance fees.        

COA has represented Condo Owners and Buyers both Residential and Commercial in various Stakeholder Groups across the Province 

  1. Stakeholder in Condominium Act Review with the Ministry of Consumer Services
  2. Stakeholder in 1 Year Study on Licensing Property Managers & Management Firms
  3. Participating in Various Study's with Universities and Public Interest Groups
  4. Stakeholder in Fire Marshal Ontario - Carbon Monoxide Detectors in Condos
  5. Stakeholder in Stormwater Sewer Systems and Waste in Condos
  6. Stakeholder in Examination of Health and Safety in Condos
  7. Participant in Education for Accessibility Act and Standards in Condos
  8. Various News Articles, TV and Radio shows.   The list goes on .......    

The Condo Owners Association is important to support strong growth and value in condominiums.   All Ontarian Homeowners and real estate values are affected by condominiums.  You must be registered with COA if you are sending in questions.

Let's work together to HELP make COA strong. The cost to register is only $20 per year so please register with COA today

Best Regards


Linda Pinizzotto

Founder President CEO Condo Owners Association


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